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My name is Inga.

You can call me Mistress, Goddess, Mommy, Miss, Lady, Ma’am or whatever suits you. You’ll find out soon enough that my power comes from my attitude, not my title.

I offer a range of services including Sensual or nurturing Domination, BDSM life guidance, Distance Domination, non-monogamy relationship advice, kind counsel, and Educational Workshops that can be scheduled individually, or for a group of clients.

I speak with each client personally in order to get to know their needs, which I use to plan out a one of a kind session. My suggested tribute is based on your personal needs, and reflects the time and effort that I put into speaking with you and planning your session. Extra ‘tips’ for outstanding service or special requests are never expected, but always appreciated. You can find info about my prices and a list of services here.


Why Choose Me?

For Kink Exploration:

My experience as a sub in my personal life gives me a unique perspective into what will be most fulfilling for my own clients. As such, I work with a wide range of people, but prefer clients that have a sincere interest in exploring their kink or relationship structure in a healthy, open, communicative way. Whether you are experienced or just starting your exploration, I would love to work with you. I am open to any type of session that does not go against my hard limits, and when you message me, I welcome discussion of your kink even outside these limits. In short, the more I know about what you like, what you’d like to try, and your own personal limits, the better your session with me will be. My dungeon is a safe, sex-positive space. I welcome everyone, no matter what your orientation, kink, or beliefs. If you are respectful and have a desire to explore, we will likely get along!

You’ll find that although I’m a true sadist, I don’t identify with the typical ‘Bitch Domme’ attitude. I prefer to foster a more intimate, nurturing relationship whether or not pain play or humiliation are involved. I understand the importance of boundaries, aftercare, and safe- sane- consensual play. I strive to make my sessions a place where you feel the freedom to safe-word, change your mind, ask for more, or to speak up if something isn’t working for you. That said, if you are willing, I love what I do and am happy to experiment with you in efforts to help you explore and push your boundaries!


For relationship guidance:

My experience in polyamory, non-monogamy, and fluid relationships (sometimes knows as relationship anarchy) have given me a firsthand view of what it takes to build an alternative relationship that works for everyone involved. Whether you and your partner(s) are interested in swinging, opening up, polyamory, relationship anarchy, or non-monogamous exploration I would be happy to act as a mediator and guide as you work through any snags, and discuss your desires and how to create a safe and communicative space for your new relationship style. You can think of me as a close friend invested in seeing your relationship thrive in a way that is healthy and respectful of everyone involved.


Along with regular sessions, I do offer coffee dates for those who are anxious about a session with someone they’ve never met. If you would like to schedule a coffee date, get in touch with me. For some session types I may require a coffee date for screening purposes.


When contacting me, please be polite and state your first name so that I know who I am speaking with.


What am I into? 

Need some convincing? Read reviews from past clients here, on MaxFisch, TheHobbyHunter, and TNA.

Questions? Wondering how it all works? What to expect? Try my FAQ first.

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