Reviews and Testimonials

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Below you can read official reviews as well as personal ‘thank you’ notes that were sent to me over text and email. You can also find me in the Provider reviews on The Hobby Hunter

Couples Review 

We talk often about how much we enjoyed our session with you, and how much we learned from you.

Regular Client review

Mistress Inga is ravishingly beautiful and carries herself with such a presence.  When you first meet her, you will become intoxicated by her kind, yet firmly dominant aura.  Being in the same room with her makes me want to melt!  I will never visit another domme again after seeing Inga.  She is incredible to work with and strikes just the right balance of supporting and nurturing while at the same time being extremely dominant when needed.  I am a sissy crossdresser and she has helped me to find out so much more about myself while serving her.  She caters to a wide variety of experience levels and kinks and to be honest, if you are in Portland, she should be your provider of choice.  Each time I serve her, it is the best day of my life!

Email Review

Hi Inga, Thanks for the recent experience. You hit the right spots. I enjoyed the couple of different positions you had me in but especially being laid out on the table. On impact play you do get me to my limit and then push just a bit more. You really know what you’re doing. You seem to know when to back off a bit. Near the end when it’s getting really intense, your verbal reassurances really help. Thank you again.

Text “thank you”

It was very nice seeing you again, thank you for another great session. I really like your style. The spanking gave me a total attitude adjustment.  I woke up the next day feeling psychologically refreshed and creative.

Public Dressup/shopping Session 

I had an absolute wonderful time with you today. My favorite part of the time was talking to you about what you liked to do, and you letting me try to spoil you the best I could. Thank you for being awesome. I loved finally meeting you and spending some time with you. It was better than I could have expected.

Review Posted 

Inga was incredibly well prepared for my session. She had read and studied the letter outlining my interests and put real thought and preparation into the session. She truly enjoyed the session as I could see her excitement. I have visited many Dommes and was thrilled to find that Inga enjoyed helping me explore my kinks and was not simply going through the motions. I would certainly recommend her with the caveat that you may find yourself entranced by her looks and skills. YMMV, you need to be respectful and polite, but that isn’t difficult as she is easy to be with and takes a genuine interest in helping you explore your kinks.

Review Posted 

A lot of doms don’t know how to do corporal well, with a proper warm up and building the intensity throughout the session. Inga is a major exception. It was a great session and I have got the marks to prove it!

Review Posted 

The day after my session with Mistress Inga, one of my play partners inspected my bruised bottom and commented, ” Oooh, somebody got you good!” This was an apt description. I had requested a heavy impact punishment session, an extended spanking. Mistress Inga, looking just like her picture wearing  a kind of black leather used a variety of implements of different weights and materials, wood, leather, and synthetic, methodically changing instruments and intensity, placing me in a variety of positions to expose the targeted areas with just the right amount of tension, with special attention to the “sweet spot.” She started with me against a wall, then on a spanking new bench, and later on a  medical table. She would check in repeatedly to see how I was doing, as well as giving verbal reinforcement, before continuing with the task at hand in which she demonstrated admirable competence. My bottom was quite swollen when she was done and the effects are still quite present; two days after the fact I am still warm and tingly.  My understanding is Mistress Inga’s primary offering is sensual domination, and that this sort of discipline is a secondary interest. If this is the case, her sensual sessions must be really extraordinary, as her spanking technique demonstrates exceptional talent and expertise.

Email Thank you

Hi Maam.

Just a quick note to say I had an amazing time with you!  I would not change a thing about Friday, Mistress.  Thank you for being real and genuine to me. I have so many favorite things you did to me that I keep going over everything in my head…..and relive it constantly.  I miss you already. 🙂 What I like about your style is you wanting to get to know my submission/fetishes/ dreams. I mean I’m just a middle aged, submissive male that longs to serve.  Because you are a sub in real life, you get it. You know both sides….the subspace, pain/pleasure, Servitude and devotion. The fact you taking the time to get to know me more before our session really turns me on mentally. Thank you, Maam. You make me smile.

I’ll keep in touch. Be safe.  Until next time,

Respectfully sub James.

Text message 

Thank you, Mistress, for all your energy and creativity. Submitting to you is so complete and wonderful 🙂 Obviously, I have been in a great place since I saw you last, and just want to know that wave after wave of gratitude washes over me when I think about you.  I loved our last session.  Everything you did.  And I want (and am very ready) to explore more. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into giving me such a rich experience of submission. I’m really glad I met you and have the opportunity to explore submission with you like this.


Email Thank you

Mistress Inga,

It was such a pleasure to spend time with you!  I so enjoyed our time together.  I would love to see you again soon


Recurring Client

That was a great session.  So many great sensations!  Cute feet, sexy nylons, hot dress, what more could a guy want!  I have to say that I really loved the cheat sheet that you put together.  I may have some time near the end of this week for another session.



Long term Client

Just a real quick note to say thank you.  A very nice session.  I always enjoy talking with you as part of the session.  Not to mention your smile and beautiful eyes.  You are sweet and flatter me with your efforts to make sure I have fun.


Recurring Client

Thank you, Maam for allowing me to give you feedback. My bottom stung 4 days after my bare bottom spanking. Can you believe that? I really felt it back there…thank you. I deserved each and ever swat. The wooden spoon hurt very much!

I want to tell you that you are the best Domme I’ve ever experienced.  Looking back at my times with other Dommes and other sessions, ours was the very best!! You are very skilled at what you do and I am honored if you would continue to see me, Maam.

Jim D.

Email from Recurring Client

Thank you for the wonderful session.  I am still smiling about meeting you and having the session that I did.  You obviously took the time to read my emails (lengthy as they were) and then thought about and crafted an incredible session hitting “my buttons.”  You understood and accepted (maybe even enjoyed) my kinks and helping me enjoy them without the fear or awkwardness of worrying whether you thought I was weird b/c of what I enjoyed.

On top of all that you were very sweet, easy and interesting to talk with.  As I think I mentioned, to enjoy myself I have to have an intellectual type connection with the other person and I had that with you.  Although I know it is your “job” it never ever felt like it was your job from my perspective.  You embraced the sensual, girl next door sort of theme or scenario that took a fantasy of mine and turned it into a real encounter and experience.  You teased me about wearing panties, why I enjoyed panties, sniffing them, etc.  I could go on for quite awhile but I know I already make my emails too lengthy.  The panties you picked were absolutely perfect.  Pink lace…….  I was trembling when I saw what you had picked and was so disappointed that I couldn’t take them with me.  You certainly didn’t seem to judge me, rather you seemed to embrace helping me enjoy that hidden side of my mind.  I think the next session will be even more enjoyable for me given that we have already met.  I’m a little flattered that you seem to remember me and my interests given all the people you must see.

Thank you again for making me feel so comfortable – especially with me meeting you the first time.  I am still amazed I was able to relax and enjoy myself like I did.


Email from Client

First of all: Thank you very much for the photos of your feet. I truly appreciate your taking the time to send them to me.

I enjoyed meeting you. I was impressed by your intelligence as well as your ability to read body language during “the spanking.” Because of past experiences, I am a bit cautious when meeting a new Domme. Some I have met over the years used very poor judgment. My inhibitions will decline as we get to know each other better.

Foot Slave Jim