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Call/Text: (361)248-8746 

(No calls after 8pm PT)


I offer a range of services including Sensual or nurturing Domination, BDSM life guidance, Distance Domination, non-monogamy relationship advice, kind counsel, and Educational Workshops that can be scheduled individually, or for a group of clients.

Each session is planned individually to fit your needs and interests. Along with regular sessions, I do offer coffee dates for those who are anxious about a session with someone they’ve never met. If you would like to schedule a coffee date, text or email me.  (I do not require a deposit for coffee dates, so please respect my time commitment to you if you decide to set one up.)


MY Kink SPECIALTIES: (or, read about Relationship Guidance offerings)

Pain Play is one of my guilty pleasures. I get a lot of enjoyment from delivering an over the knee spanking, a flogging, electro etc. If it causes you pain, there is a high probability that I will be into it. I cater to every level of experience, and when appropriate (with consent) I love to guide my subs in expanding their pain thresholds. As a lifestyle submissive, I have learned that when done right pain play can provide and intense emotional release and is almost like hitting the ‘reset’ button. It is a truly meditative experience in the right setting. Let me guide you there!

Sissification/Sissy Play is another favorite of mine. Whether you are looking to be dressed up and taken out for a pedicure or you just love the feel of a silk dress against your skin, I love to play with those who are interested in exploring their feminine side (for purposes of healing, curiosity, gender expression, or humiliation… you pick your poison!)

Foot/Leg/Boot Worship – I thoroughly enjoy a good foot rub, but it’s more than that for me. To have a sub kneeling at my feet to show devotion is such a nice feeling. Licking, kissing, washing, massage, ____…tell me what makes it enjoyable for you and we’ll both have a lovely time.

Mommy/Nurturing play– I love to give disciplinary punishments, or just love on my submissives. If you are a sub who loves to be nurtured and cared for, we’ll be a great match. I offer mommy play, petting, bathing, diapering, and also play completely unrelated to ‘mommy’ kinks. Feel free to approach me with your specific needs, as I can almost always accommodate a sub seeking loving, nurturing attention.

Findom is available, though I do not take the usual bitch-domme approach where I demand money from you as that type of interaction is not usually fulfilling for me. I enjoy subs who offer up tributes out of appreciation for my time, my work, my attention etc. I love gifts from sweet boys, and if you help me buy something lovely or send me a gift, I will usually send a picture of me using it as a ‘thank you’. I also enjoy findom in the form of a ‘tax’ that I charge for services such as helping you get your spending under control, lose weight, keep your personal goals, or have better self-care habits. Feel free to inquire for details.

BDSM Coaching and Guidance, like so many of my other services, is something I offer from the heart. It can be so difficult to live as your true self if you have guilt or discomfort about your kinks. Let me help you accept yourself as you are, beautiful and whole. Let’s talk about where your kink comes from, and whether it is a marker of something missing for you, or just a fun expression of self. Everything is accepted in this space, come as you are. Maybe you need help knowing where to start, exploring your boundaries and interests, or broaching the subject of kinky play with your romantic partners. I’m open to talking in person, or over text/email/phone. Think of me as your loving kinky lifestyle coach.

Long Distance Play allows you to get your needs met even if you don’t have the budget, or don’t live close enough for in person play. See my Long Distance page for more info, or message me directly with your interests. Long distance services range from text sessions, to calls, orgasm control, chastity play, or tasks assigned to the submissive. Get creative! I want to play as much as you do, let’s find a way that is fun and fulfilling for both of us.

Public Play – Imagine being sent to get my coffee wearing frilly panties underneath your jeans, drinking something golden from a coffee cup while we are at an event, shopping for your first toy or a silky secret to wear underneath your work clothes… a vibe controlled by me while we grab drinks or dinner =) I enjoy many forms of public play, if you have a naughty idea you’d like to live out, let’s talk! Note: I don’t participate in any play that involved people without their consent <3


_1060193My sessions are a safe, sex-positive, no judgement space! I am open minded and I love to try new things. Get in touch and we’ll find a way to play that suits us both OR I’ll direct you to a trusted provider that can give you just what you are looking for.


Hard Limits: Scat play, blood play, illegal services, needle play, switching, submitting



Traditional Sessions:

Sessions can consist of several elements, please let me know your interests in as much detail as you like when you book. I will happily accommodate you.


Meet & Greet:

30 minute coffee date (I allow these to run long if we are enjoying each other’s company!) – $100

60 minute coffee date – $150

3 hour dinner date (I’m lovely company) $300


Kink, Domination, Fetish (please see Hard Limits above):

30 minute session – $150

60 minute session – $200-300

90 minutes session – $300-375

2  hour session – $400-500

Overnight (6-8 hours) – contact for pricing

New clients must schedule an in-call appointment before requesting any out-call sessions.

Overnight sessions and sessions lasting longer than 2 hours must be scheduled far in advance.


Other Session Options:


VIP Submissive plans come with 1-6 sessions built into the monthly cost.

Most of my Long Distance Domination packages are as little as $50 for a text session or $100/month!!

Prices for couples, workshops, and VIP submissives are on a case by case basis depending on your needs.