Long Distance Play

Want a taste of my signature style, but don’t have the time/ability to meet in person? Below is a list of services I offer to my long distance clients. Long distance services require less of my time, and so are often a more affordable option for those that might find my session prices out of their range. Long distance Domination is also a great option for clients who find themselves too busy or shy to see me in person. 


Dungeon sexy sext schoolgirl

The terms and pricing of each type of distance domination are flexible depending on your budget and preferences. 

CONTACT ME  for more info about your preferred Distance Domination. I want my services to be available to anyone who is interested in exploring their sexuality. If you aren’t sure one of these options will work for you, get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs and budget and find something that is just right for you. I enjoy providing this service and am happy to work with you 🙂 

There is a discount for those who choose pay by the month. At this time I take cash, postal money orders, BTC, and Giftrocket. Cash and BTC always preferred.


Text Play/Text Sessions $50 for 30 minutes

or $120 for 3 30 minute sessions

I offer a wide variety of text/email play. Your text session could include instructions for release, dress up time, exchanging photos, sexting, or other naughty or kinky play. Feel free to inquire about your specific interests. I charge $100 for 3 half hour texting sessions, or $40 for one half hour text session.


Panties, Socks $50/pair + $2 Shipping

Worn to your specifications

Photos included


Shoes $100/pair + shipping

Worn to your specifications

Photos included


Tasks with Photo/Video Proof

Let me give you structure and daily tasks for as little as $100/month! Send me a photo or video of you completing your assigned tasks and get rewarded with photos or videos of your Domme. Message me with your specific requests, as prices may be lower depending on your needs.

3 tasks: $100

5 tasks: $150


Couples Special $50/week or $100/month

Are you and your sweetie exhibitionists? I love couples of all types. Send me your naughty couples pictures and everybody wins.


Financial Domination $100-500/month

Flat monthly rate depends on your budget. Have trouble keeping your finances in check? I’ll monitor your spending and help you stick to your budget. Punishments will be doled out for bad spending decisions.


Weight loss/Healthy Lifestyle Goals Motivation $100-500/month

Need some motivation to keep yourself healthy and in shape? I’ll create an exercise and dieting plan that suits your lifestyle. There will be weekly check-ins to track your progress. (Obviously, I am not a healthcare professional, and any change in diet/exercise routine should include a chat with your doctor! This is your responsibility.)



See my VIP Chastity and submissive page.


Swallowing $50

I’ll help you realize your swallowing fetish. You’ll be encouraged to send photos or videos as proof!


Domination $100-500/month

I assign tasks according to your kink and require proof (photo, video, snapchat or otherwise) that you have completed them.


Fantasy $100/month OR $400/month

Do you wish you had someone to share your naughty fantasies with? Send me your filthiest stories over email and I’ll read them through, and tell you what I think. Choose the second option and I’ll reply with a naughty story of my own written just for you!


CrossDress Up $30/week OR $100/month

Model your favorite sexy, sensual, or naughty outfits. Send me your photos and I’ll enjoy watching you dress up for me!


Vial of Nectar $100/vial

Free Shipping!!



Please note that in order to confirm that you are over 18, I require long distance clients to submit proof of their age. This can be done in several discreet ways.