VIP Submissive Package

The VIP Submissive Package is available to long distance (at a discounted price) and in-person clients alike. The guidelines here are only to give you an idea of what it might be like to be my VIP submissive. The inclusion of chastity depends on your preferences. If you wish to be a VIP submissive, you and I will discuss your interests in order to set up a plan that fits with your personal desires.

This is an option for those that are looking for a more involved or ‘lifestyle’ submissive relationship. We’ll be in contact often and these conversations and recurring appointments allow our bond to grow stronger. The better I know you, the more fun we will have in our sessions together. Each package includes several sessions in the price. Depending on level, you will also be able to meet up with me for lunch, dinner, or coffee, and contact me by skype, phone, text, and email.

VIP Levels and Pricing:

Price for these services is negotiable to a certain point, I am willing to negotiate the prices with the right submissive! I am a stern, loving, intelligent Mistress and I want a submissive I connect with.

Please keep in mind that a submissive at a higher pay level will be treated the same as one at a lower level. A tribute is for my time and expenses, and has nothing to do with how highly I value my subs! All of my submissives are important to me.

If the spot that you feel is right for you is already filled, feel free to message me anyway to let me know. I sometimes make exceptions for the right submissive.

Payment for each option is due on the same date each month. I prefer cash from in-person clients, but will sometimes bend the rules if it is discussed beforehand. Distance clients can pay by several different methods, email for more info. I pay for all of my own dinner/coffee unless discussed beforehand.

Darling boy: Only 2 more available

1 session

Must email/text Mistress each week on specified days to discuss progress



Slave: 1 more available

2 sessions

Emails answered once per day/as Mistress receives them

Text Mistress each night


Sub: 1 more available

Text each night

emails answered as soon as she gets them

phone call each week to discuss progress

4 sessions


My Pet: 1 more available

Text, call, email and skype chat Mistress several times per week.

4 sessions

One coffee date


Sweet Boy:1 Available

Text, call, email and skype chat Mistress several times per week.

Share daily photos with Mistress on SnapChat

5 one hour sessions

Two coffee dates

Special rewards for good behavior


Favorite: Only 1 available

Option to go toy shopping with Mistress to help her choose your toys

Text, call, email and skype chat Mistress several times per week.

Share daily photos with Mistress on SnapChat

6 one hour sessions

One coffee date

One dinner date

Special rewards for good behavior


Don’t see something that works for you? Message me with your interests and budget, and I will happily create a custom package for you.